Zonder ma is ze wel groot, maar geen vorstin meer (4) letters,Het juiste antwoord is “Maxi”

Zonder ma is ze wel groot, maar geen vorstin meer (4) letters
Zonder ma is ze wel groot, maar geen vorstin meer (4) letters

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Certainly, let’s provide a more detailed explanation of the cryptic crossword clue and how “Maxi” fits as the solution.

Clue Analysis:

The clue is: “Zonder ma is ze wel groot, maar geen vorstin meer (4)”

  1. Literal Translation:
    • “Zonder ma” means “Without ‘ma’.”
    • “is ze wel groot” means “she is still big.”
    • “maar geen vorstin meer” means “but no longer a queen.”
    • The answer is a 4-letter word.
  2. Breaking Down the Clue:
    • “Zonder ma” (Without ‘ma’):
      • This suggests that we need to find a word and then remove the letters “ma” from it.
    • “is ze wel groot” (she is still big):
      • The remaining word after removing “ma” should still imply something big or large.
    • “maar geen vorstin meer” (but no longer a queen):
      • The final word should not refer to a queen anymore.

Step-by-Step Solution:

  1. Identifying the Word:
    • We need to think of a word related to a queen that, when “ma” is removed, still makes sense and fits the other parts of the clue.
    • One possible candidate is “Maxima”, referring to Queen Máxima of the Netherlands.
  2. Removing “ma”:
    • If we remove “ma” from “Maxima”, we get “xi”.
    • This doesn’t immediately form a proper word, but let’s consider the context and play with the letters.
  3. Finding a Suitable Word:
    • Instead of taking the literal letters away, consider a more flexible approach:
      • “Maxi” can be derived from “Maxima” in a more figurative manner.
      • The word “Maxi” in itself means something large or big, fitting the “wel groot” part of the clue.
  4. Confirming with the Clue:
    • “Maxi”: This word means large or long (like in “maxi dress” which is long in length).
    • “Maxi” fits the 4-letter requirement.
    • By interpreting “Zonder ma” as a hint to modify the word in a non-literal but logical way, “Maxi” still makes sense.
    • It no longer directly refers to Queen Máxima, hence “geen vorstin meer” (no longer a queen).


  • Wordplay: The clue employs wordplay, where “Zonder ma” doesn’t strictly mean removing the letters “ma” but hints towards modifying the name “Maxima” into “Maxi”.
  • Solution Fit: “Maxi” fits all parts of the clue as:
    • It’s derived from “Maxima”.
    • It implies something big (“wel groot”).
    • It’s a common word (maxi dress, maxi size) and not a queen anymore (“geen vorstin meer”).

Thus, the correct answer to the cryptic crossword clue “Zonder ma is ze wel groot, maar geen vorstin meer (4)” is “Maxi”.


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